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Valandy 1950s Code Oscillator Kit



Above is a photo of the finished, modern version of the transistor oscillator (Construction details provided in the following pages of this project). The circuit, as originally developed in the 1950s, has been accurately followed, including a vintage CK718 germanium transistor, as was used in the original.  Below is a copy of a vintage ad from the 1950s, highlighting the original offering for the kit.     





Build a Modern Version of One of the First Transistorized Kits

 From the 1950s   



If you were a young electronics kit enthusiast in the 1950s, then you may well remember the code oscillator developed by the Valandy company – this was one of the first kits to use the new transistor technology.  Developed and sold in the mid 1950s, the “Transistor Code Practice Oscillator” was quite a bargain at only $6.95, and was an inexpensive way for young experimenters to learn about transistors.  According to Mr. Andrew Valentino, the founder of Valandy Electronics, over 10,000 of these assembled kits were sold, and were so popular that an early advertising program for this product (consisting of a short audio segment on radio station WINS – 1010 on the dial in NYC) had to be suspended because of the overwhelming response. 


(Note: You can read more about this unique  kit, including detailed construction hints as well as a recent interview with Mr. Valentino, in the Historic Transistor Construction Project Booklet #1, available in the TransistorMuseum Store).


Use the link below for details about building a modern version of the Valandy Oscillator:

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