Historic Transistor Construction Project

 Valandy 1950s Code Oscillator Kit

This is the schematic for the Valandy oscillator.   It is a Colpitts oscillator, in which the earphone is the inductance tuned by the two capacitors.  The transistor is operated in common base mode, and the circuit is very similar to its vacuum tube “cousins” from the same timeframe.
























To the left is a closeup view of the top of the oscillator. Note the CK718 transistor, which has been socket mounted.  The two capacitors, shown in the center, are also of the same 1950s vintage as the original Valandy kit – modern caps could be used instead.



There are several aspects of building this modern version of the Valandy kit which you should keep in mind.   Most germanium PNP transistors should work, although the very early types, like the CK718, may need to be selected.  Since the earphone inductance is a critical part of the circuit, it is important to use a high impedance (2000 ohm) magnetic type, as shown in the photos on pages 1 and 3.  Finally, if you use a CD case, or similar base for building and displaying your oscillator, be careful when drilling the holes for the screws to mount the components – this type of plastic is very brittle and cracks easily.


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