Historic Transistor Construction Project  

Valandy 1950s Code Oscillator Kit




Here is another top view of the completed Valandy oscillator, modern version.  As you can see, a simple practice key has been included, as well as a separate set of connections for a more professional external key.  The 1 ½ voly battery should last for many months and, in fact, otherwise “dead” batteries work just fine because of the low current requirements for the oscillator.  The tone produced in the vintage magnetic earphone is clear, stable and very pleasant.  I used a selected 1950s CK718 Raytheon germanium hearing aid transistor for the sake of authenticity. 


The CD case used as the construction base for this kit offers a simple, inexpensive method for displaying your completed handiwork.  You can find more details, vintage transistors,  and even pre-printed CD case templates similar to that shown above by visiting the Museum Store at: .








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