50th Anniversary CK722 Radio





Vintage:  Feb 2003


Circuit Designer:  Jack Ward


Designer’s Comments:   “I thought it would be appropriate to construct a simple one transistor radio using a single CK722 to commemorate the 50th anniversary of the introduction of this famous transistor.  Starting with the Feb 1953 issue of the Radio and Television News magazine, there were hundreds of CK722 project construction articles published for the hobbyist market and this radio has been designed and constructed with that general history in mind.  I’ve tried to use a circuit design and a documentation style consistent with what a young experimenter would have seen in the 1950s. If you remember those days, I hope you’ll enjoy building your own version of this classic CK722 radio. “



Top View of the CK722 Radio

The 50th Anniversary CK722 Radio has been designed to be constructed into a modern CD case, which provides for convenient construction as well as a unique visual background to display your classic CK722.   The circuit wiring has been completed inside the CD case.





When the CK722 “hobbyist’ transistor became available in early 1953, there was a tremendous demand by experimenters, engineers, radio amateurs, and many othes for circuits and projects using this new technology.  Electronics publications of the time responded with numerous articles featuring the CK722, and one of the most popular of these “build it yourself” projects was the CK722 radio.  Over the past five decades, it is likely that thousands of these simple radios have been built by those who were learning about transistor technology for the first time. 


This 50th Anniversary CK722 radio is an accurate and faithful version of these early and memorable projects.  Variations of the circuit have appeared in numerous publications, including the widely distributed “Volume II Raytheon Transistor Applications” booklet from 1957.  In addition, the germanium diode and CK722 used in this project are functioning devices from the 1950s/1960s.   When construction of this project has been completed, and a local radio station is tuned in,  we’ll be following in the footsteps of countless others who have taken this same exciting path while exploring early transistor many years ago.





50th Anniversary CK722 Radio

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50 YEARS of the CK722

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