Historic Transistor Construction Project

Germanium Power Transistor Audio MiniAmp






The entire MiniAmp has been built into a quad CD case, with front and rear views shown above.   Four C size batteries provide power, and a top mounted handle aids portability.   The massive, finned heatsink for the 2N95 stands out clearly in the top view, and gets only slightly warm after extended “on time”.  I use the MiniAmp most often as the sole audio output device for my home computer, which has a Pentium P4 Processor chip.   The addition of two germanium transistors to the 55 million silicon transistors in the P4 seems a very fitting way to commemorate the important contributions of still viable 50 year old design and components to modern leading edge semiconductor technology.



The 2N35 transistor (shown above) has been socket mounted, using a 1950s submini vacuum tube socket. This was a standard technique when transistors first became available, since performance varied dramatically from one unit to the next, and replacement was common. 






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