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Norman Krim began his career with Raytheon in 1933, when he was a junior in electrical engineering at MIT. Later, as an engineer in the vacuum tube division, he developed and marketed the subminiature tube used in hearing aids.  During WW II, this tube type was manufactured by Raytheon to be used as proxity fuse detectors in artillery shells.


By 1950, Norm Krim was the VP of the Raytheon Division responsible for Receiving Tubes, Cathode Ray Tubes and Semiconductors. At this time, Raytheon was making large numbers of germanium diodes for the radio/tv industry and  subminiature vacuum tubes for the hearing aid industry.


It was during the late 1940s and through the mid 1950s, that Raytheon, under Norm’s leadership, became the premier germanium transistor company.


Norm left Raytheon in 1961 to become president of Radio Shack.  He returned to Raytheon in 1963 as a consultant, and was appointed archivist and historian in 1990.  Norm continues to work with Raytheon, as of 2009.  This represents a corporate relationship of over 75 years!


A few of the technological and commercial accomplishments credited to Norm Krim during his time at Raytheon include:


·        The first commercially available transistor, the CK703 point contact transistor, was introduced by Raytheon in 1948.  


·        The first commercially available mass produced transistor, the CK718 alloy junction transistor, was introduced by Raytheon in 1952.  


·        The first commercially available low cost hobbyist transistor, the CK722, was introduced by Raytheon in 1953.  


·        The first commercially available hobbyist transistor booklet, “Transistor Applications, More than 50 Practical Circuits using Raytheon CK722 Transistors”, was introduced by Raytheon in 1955.  




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from a 2000 Transistor Museum

Interview with Mr. Norman Krim.



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