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In the late 1950s/early 1960s, Western Electric manufactured four types of transistors for use by the U.S. military.  There were three germanium types (diffused, alloy junction and point contact) and a single silicon type (diffused).  Silicon transistors were preferred for critical applications because of better performance in high temperature environments.  The 2N1072 had been developed by Bell Labs/Western Electric as a high current, high frequency power transistor to meet the critical needs of the Nike Zeus anti-ICBM missile program.  The 2N1072 was fabricated using an advanced transistor technology known as diffusion, which had been developed in the mid 1950s at Bell Labs, and was a major milestone in transistor design.   Modern transistors and integrated circuits are still manufactured using diffusion processes.


For high reliability in harsh environments, Western Electric developed the sophisticated TO-38 cold welded and vacuum sealed metal case used for the 2N1072.  In addition, every transistor lot was manufactured and tested under strict quality control.  The 2N1072 truly provides an example of the best 1950s silicon transistor technology. 





Double Diffused Silicon
NPN Mesa Transistor

Vintage 1950s – 1960s

Use: Historic/Nike Zeus



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