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Historical Background

In 1954, Texas Instruments announced the commercial availability of silicon grown junction transistors.  This was an industry first and marked the beginning of TI’s rapid expansion as a semiconductor giant.  These initial silicon transistors were very crude, almost handmade grown junction devices, and were labeled as types 903, 904, 905 and X15.  TI sold large quantities of these early silicon transistors at high prices to the military, taking advantage of the superior operating temperature range of silicon compared to germanium. Early devices sold for over $100 each!   TI sold this historic product line (with updated part numbers) well into the 1970s.   Beginning in the late 1950s, several of the 900 series devices were relabeled with the standard JEDEC “2N” sequence, so that the 903 was updated as the 2N1149 and the 904 became the 2N1150.  Due to the popularity and widespread use of these early silicon transistors, several of the types were manufactured by “second source” suppliers. For example, in the mid 1960s, National Semiconductor developed and sold the 2N1150 (in a black plastic case).





Your 2N1149/50 Transistor Order Will be Supplied in the Storage/Display Envelope Shown Above, which Includes an Insert with Historical Description

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Vintage Silicon NPN
Grown Junction Transistors

Vintage 1950s –1970s

Use: Military/Industrial



Your TransistorMuseum™ 2N1149/2N1150

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Two Tested Transistors

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Hobbyist Insert Depicting the Historical Importance of these Classic Transistors, Includes a Schematic and a Discussion of the History and Development of These Unique Devices


A TransistorMuseum™ Classic

Semiconductor Storage

 and Display Envelope 







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