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Historical Background


Transistor technology was advancing rapidly in the mid 1950s, and General Electric, an industry leader, was active in developing new, high performance types.  In 1955, GE announced the introduction of the 2N169. This type was originally intended for use in commercial radios as an IF and reflex amplifier, but its use was later expanded as a general purpose NPN type for multiple applications.  The 1957 2nd edition of the GE Transistor Manual documents the 2N169 for use in a hobbyist circuit, and later additions of the GE Transistor Manual identify the 2N169 as a general purpose NPN germanium “workhorse” equivalent to such other well known types as the 2N35 and 2N229.   The 2N169A is a higher voltage version of the 2N169, and is identical in all other performance characteristics.  The 2N169 saw widespread use throughout the 1950s and continued to be manufactured by GE into the 1960s.


 If you are building a 1950s vintage electronic project or repairing a radio from that timeframe, the 2N169 is an excellent choice for a solid, general purpose germanium transistor, with performance characteristics authentic to the early days of transistor technology. 






Your 2N169/2N169A Transistor Order Will be Supplied in the Storage/Display Envelope Shown Above, which Includes an Insert with Historical Description

and Schematics.




Germanium NPN
Grown Junction Transistor

Vintage 1950s – 1960s

Use: Radio/Audio/Hobby



Your TransistorMuseum™ 2N169/2N169A

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One Tested Transistor

 (Style Shown Above)


Hobbyist Insert Depicting the Historical Importance of this Classic Transistor, Includes Two Schematics Using the 2N169

 in Historic Radio and Hobby Circuits


A TransistorMuseum™ Classic

Semiconductor Storage

 and Display Envelope 







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