Historical Background:  Texas Instruments introduced the 2N339 – 2N343 line of medium power silicon grown junction transistors in 1957.  This is a very early timeframe for silicon technology, as only three years had passed since the introduction of the first commercial silicon transistors by TI in 1954.  During the 1950s, transistor technology was advancing rapidly, and the grown junction technology used for these first silicon transistors was soon superseded by more advanced technologies such as diffused/mesa and planar.  The military was a major user of these early silicon transistors, and prices were quite high as the demand for this new technology was expanding rapidly.  For example, the 1960 price for a 2N343 from TI was $30. That’s over $200 in 2012 prices.  With this type of financial incentive, other companies soon began competing with TI.  Transitron was the major second source supplier for the 2N339 – 2N343 line of transistors, and sold millions of these devices into the 1960s.  Transitron played an important role in 1950s/1960s semiconductor history, and devices such as these early 1960s 2N343 transistors are collectable and historic. 


Transitron 2N343 Silicon NPN

Grown Junction Transistor



The Transitron 2N343 transistors included in your order are quite historic and represent the first silicon transistor technology.  These units are over 50 years old and have been tested to ensure performance comparable to 1960s grown junction technology.  These devices offer a unique and educational view back to a major and historic milestone in transistor history.  Suggested experimental applications include medium power audio amplifiers, general purpose low level switches, and comparison circuits with modern silicon devices.






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