Historical Background


In mid 1953, General Electric (GE) made an early commercial entry into the new field of junction transistors with the 2N43/44/45 line of germanium alloy junction devices.  These were rugged, reliable transistors enclosed in the now classic “pinched top” metal case. These first GE commercial germanium junction transistors were quite expensive, costing as much as $23.75 (for the 2N43) in the 1954 Radio Shack catalog.  All these devices were made on the same manufacturing lines, with a gain test process used to sort the transistors into the appropriate 2N4X categories.  “Leftovers” from the 2N4X line, which failed to meet minimum specs, were sold as the famous 2N107 hobbyist transistor.


The 2N45 was obsoleted by GE in the late 1950s, but the 2N43 and the 2N44 remained in production for many years, into the 1960s.  These devices were “second-sourced” by both ETCO and General Instruments (GI).   The 2N43A was the first USAF qualified transistor, and was tested to ensure high reliability.


The GE 2N4X line of germanium PNP alloy junction transistors were versatile, rugged devices that found widespread use in military, commercial and audio applications.



GE 2N43/44/45



Germanium PNP Alloy
Junction Transistor

Vintage 1950s – 1960s

Use: Audio & Military



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