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The Hytron Radio Tube company, a vacuum tube manufacturer since 1921, was purchased by Columbia Broadcasting System (CBS) in the early 1950s.  CBS was interested in establishing a presence in semiconductor and vacuum tube manufacturing, likely to support their primary radio/TV entertainment business, and Hytron probably appeared to provide an excellent entry vehicle.  By late 1952, CBS was manufacturing germanium diodes and transistors at the Hytron facility in Lowell Ma.  Various device types, labeled as “CBS” or “CBS/Hytron”, were in production for approximately 10 years (until the early 1960s), when CBS exited the semiconductor manufacturing field. 


From a historical perspective, CBS/Hytron represents a noteworthy chapter in early semiconductor device development – this “start-up” produced superior germanium devices (point contact transistors, junction transistors, diodes, and was especially known for germanium power transistors) for over a decade. Remaining CBS devices represent an excellent view into the best of early germanium technology.




CBS 2N38



Germanium PNP Alloy
Junction Transistor

Vintage 1950s

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2N38 Historic

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