In addition to the classic Transistor Museum™ packaging and storage envelope, your tested 2N38 will also be provided with the original CBS packaging – see above.


CBS 2N38



Shown at left is a photo of the tested 2N38 transistor, the Transistor Museum™ Classic Semiconductor Storage and Display Envelope, and the Informational Insert.  This approach to packaging provides an excellent and unique method to archive your Historic Semiconductor.


Shown at right is a scan of the Transistor Museum™ Historic Semiconductor Fact Sheet of your device, which will be included in your order.  This Fact Sheet is a full page-sized version of the folded Informational Insert.  The Fact Sheet provides a convenient and displayable method for reviewing (and displaying) historically significant information regarding your device.  All Transistor Museum™ Store semiconductors are provided with detailed historical data, photos and commentary, based on years of research.  You’ll spend many rewarding hours reviewing this unique material and learning about transistor history.   



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