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Historical Background


The transistor was invented at Bell Labs in December 1947, with the first public announcement in June 1948. The first transistortype was known as point contact, which consisted of a small piece of germanium in contact with two sharp metal points.Rapid improvements were made to this technology and by the late 1950s the germanium alloy junction transistor type was the most common, manufactured by such companies as Raytheon, GE, RCA, Sylvania.Silicon technology largely replaced germanium in the 1960s. Your Experimenterís Pack #1 includes four vintage 1950s/60s germanium alloy junction transistors, each tested and matched to the specifications included and required to build the classic circuits also included. This TransistorMuseumô Experimenters Packprovides an educational and entertaining way to learn about the history of the transistor.In addition, we hope youíll also experience some of the same excitement and pleasure that transistor technology kits provided to young electronics hobbyistsand experimenters in the early days of transistor technology.




Shown above is one of the pages of the six page color insert supplied with your kit.This is a schematic and project description of a three transistor AM radio tuner, based on a classic 1950s GE transistor manual project.You can build this project with three of the four transistors youíll receive in your order -these are shown above as well and are the GXP- 1, GXP- 2, and GXP- 3.





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Four Vintage 1950s/1960s
Germanium Transistors
(NPN, PNP, Audio and Hi Freq)



Your TransistorMuseumô Experimenterís Pack #1

Will Contain:

One Each of the Following Tested Vintage Germanium Transistors:


GXP- 1 (PNP Audio/General Purpose)

GXP- 2 (NPN Audio/General Purpose)

GXP- 3 (PNP RF/IF Hi Freq)

GXP- 4 (PNP Low Noise Audio Preamp)


Plus a Six Page Color Insert which has:


** Specifications for Your Transistors

** Overview of Early Transistor History

** Historical Schematics and Project Ideas for your Vintage Transistors





Shown above are examples of the types of transistors that will be supplied with your Experimenterís Pack #1.All the transistors are vintage 1950s/60s, each has been individually tested (or is still in the original manufacturerís packaging) and is guaranteed to work in circuits using the supplied specifications.



This is a photo of a section of the transistor specification and historical transistor type equivalence table supplied in the color insert.Shown are the specs for the GXPĖ 4 transistor and list of possible types that could be included in your order for the PNP Low Noise Audio Preamp.






Here are some photos of what youíll receive as part of your Germanium Transistor Experimenterís Pack #1. Shown above are the four individually labeled and packaged vintage transistors. On the right is a photo of one of pages from the six-page color insert. This page has a chart of the various types of vintage transistors that meet the specifications for each of the GXP types in your kit, and could be supplied in your order.

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