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IBM established an aggressive transistor development program in the early 1950s and continued with a substantial engineering and production effort throughout the decade.† By the mid 1960s, IBM had exited the transistor manufacturing business, and relied on key suppliers such as Motorola and Texas Instruments.† During the decade from approximately 1952 to 1962, IBM developed and manufactured a variety of germanium transistor types for use in their commercial computers.† Primary types of computer transistors produced by IBM during this timeframe included alloy junction and graded base/drift, and both NPN and PNP configurations were made.

Your Transistor Museumô IBM germanium transistor is from an experimental 1959 lot of alloy junction transistors produced to evaluate new production and test equipment.† These are PNP alloy junction types and have similar characteristics to IBM types 25 and 33, which are general purpose PNP alloy junction transistors.† IBM germanium transistors represent a unique and important milestone in computer and transistor history, and you can use your historic 50 year old transistor for display purposes or in actual circuitry to demonstrate a general purpose PNP germanium transistor.††††





Germanium PNP Alloy Junction Transistor IBM Experimental Type


Your Transistor Museumô IBM Germanium Transistor Order

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Transistor Museumô Classic Semiconductor Storage

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IBM Germanium Transistor

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