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Historical Background

In 1956, the Navy began funding a large scale project to develop a ballistic missile that could be launched from a submerged submarine. The inertial guidance computer carried onboard each Polaris missile was developed at the MIT Instrumentation Laboratory.  The first version of the Polaris missile computer used discrete transistor components, while later versions used integrated circuits as this technology became available.  Hundreds of Polaris missiles were produced until 1972, when the Poseidon missile was deployed as a replacement.    Texas Instruments was a major supplier of semiconductors for the Polaris programs, beginning with germanium transistors in the 1950s – your R212 transistors were manufactured by TI for the Polaris program in the 1960s/70s.  These are very high quality alloy junction germanium PNP transistors, each meeting the rigorous test standards of the Polaris missile program.  You can use your gold plated R212 transistors in a wide variety of germanium circuit applications with excellent results.





Your R212 Transistor Order Will be Supplied in the Storage/Display Envelope Shown Above, which Includes an Insert with Historical Description and a Schematic.




Germanium PNP
Alloy Junction Transistors

Vintage 1960s –1970s

Use: Polaris Missile



Your TransistorMuseum™ R212

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Two Tested Transistors

 (Style Shown Above)


Informational Insert Depicting the Historical Importance of this Unique Transistor, Includes a Schematic Using the R212 in a Digital Timer Circuit

from the 1960s.


A TransistorMuseum™ Classic

Semiconductor Storage

 and Display Envelope 







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