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Although transistor technology offered many advantages over vacuum tube technology in the 1950s, high frequency performance for radio use was not achieved by commercial transistors until the mid to late 1950s with the development of new technologies, such as the RCA drift transistor.  The RCA 2N247, introduced in 1956, was the first RCA drift transistor, and provided stable operation up to 30 Mc.  RCA developed a complete line of drift transistors in the 1950s and 1960s, including the high performance 2N384, which could operate reliably up to 100 Mc.  These devices found widespread use in commercial radio receiver circuits and also in many types of high frequency military and industrial equipment.  RCA’s drift technology was a recognized industry leader for high frequency use in the late 1950s and early 1960s.  These devices were used extensively in high frequency service in commercial, industrial and military applications.  Use your historic drift transistors for all types of high frequency radio and oscillator circuits and re-create leading edge semiconductor technology from the 1950s! 





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Germanium PNP
Drift Transistors

Vintage 1950s/60s

Use: High Frequency


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2N247/2N384 Order Will Contain:


Two Tested Transistors

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2N247 & 2N384

Semiconductor Fact Sheet.

Transistor Museum™ Classic Semiconductor Storage

And Display Envelope, with Informational Insert.

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