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During the late 1950s and 1960s, Westinghouse became a world leader in the manufacture of high power silicon transistors and rectifiers.  Research and manufacture of germanium transistors had been started in the mid 1950s, but was not a major business for Westinghouse.  Of note is the manufacture of low frequency (audio and IF) germanium transistors, primarily to support the substantial Westinghouse commercial radio manufacturing business.  By the mid 1960s, Westinghouse had ceased the manufacture of the germanium radio transistors, most likely to focus on silicon power devices.  Your Westinghouse 2N60/2N609 transistor represents an important, though short-lived, chapter of semiconductor history.  

Use your 2N60 as a general purpose audio amplifier – the 2N609 is a higher gain equivalent to the 2N60 and can be used in similar audio amplifier applications.  These are rare and historic devices and will make a terrific addition to your collection of early semiconductors.  




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 2N60 2N609



Germanium PNP Alloy
Junction Transistor

Vintage 1950s/60s

Use: Audio Output


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2N60 2N609 Order Will Contain:


One Tested Transistor.

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2N60 2N609

Semiconductor Fact Sheet.

Transistor Museum™ Classic Semiconductor Storage

And Display Envelope, with Informational Insert.

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$20 per Package (One Transistor) Your Choice of 2N60 or 2N609

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