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Oral History – Bob Mendelson





The following is a list of articles written about equipment built at home, and published in RCA HAM TIPS for the purpose of increasing RCA sales of tubes, Nuvistors, transistors, and integrated circuits in the Amateur Radio market. Most of these articles were re-published in Australia and Europe in several languages.


1.  “144-Megacycle Transmitter”, May, 1955.


2. “A Secondary Frequency Standard”, December, 1955.


3. “Nuvistor Two-Meter Converter”, May 1961.  The RCA ad on the back of Amateur Radio magazines was followed by more requests for copies of the article than any previous ad.


4. “New RCA-6DS4 Nuvistor Triode”, December, 1961.


5. “Nuvistor Two-Meter Transmitter”, Spring, 1962.


6. “Transistors and Nuvistors in a Two-Meter Transceiver”, Spring 1965.


7. “All-Transistor Two-Meter Converter”, Winter 1965-66.


8.   “ Power Supply for Transistor Circuits”, June 1967.





Oral History – Bob Mendelson



9.   “ A Single Gate MOS-FET Preamplifier for the Two- Meter Band”, December 1968.


In addition, outside publications of:

1. “Civil Defense Monitor”, Radio Electronics, September 1957.


2. “Digital AC Line Monitor”, Radio Electronics Winter 1984.


3. “Compact Nuvistor Product Detector”, Electronics World July 1969.


4. “RTTY Line-End Indicator”, Ham Radio May 1975.


5. “COS/MOS Millipower Counter”, Ham Radio February 1977.


6. “CMOS Logic Parts Families Will Grow as Processes are Perfected, Ghost Writer, Electronic Engineering Times February 1984.



“25 Integrated Electronic Circuits for the Radio Amateur”, Hayden Book Co. 1979.


“103 Simple Transistor Projects”, Hayden Book Co. 1980.


“ 178 IC Designs & Applications”, Hayden Book Co. 1984 (Also printed in Spanish).




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