Robert Mendelson

Oral History –  Continued






The photo above is part of the front cover of an eight page 1960 RCA publication detailing the specifications of the 6CW4 Nuvistor – this device was marketed by RCA to entertainment equipment manufacturers for use as an RF amp in FM receivers and TV sets.  The photo on the left is an ad from the RCA “Ham Tips” magazine encouraging amateur radio operators to use the latest RCA Nuvistor tubes to build a high-performing transmitter.  The project was detailed in the Spring 1962 RCA “Ham Tips” in an article written by Bob Mendelson.  According to Bob’s article,  this project was the first to use the emerging Nuvistor technology  in a transmitter circuit; previous articles (by Bob) had detailed Nuvistor receivers.   By 1962, Nuvistor technology had become quite mature and RCA claimed production quantities of 1,000,000 as early as July 1961.  Most of these unique tubes were used in commercial TV set manufacture, although RCA actively promoted additional uses (such as amateur radio) in a series of articles authored by Bob Mendelson.




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