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Shown above are the earliest versions of packaging used for the 2N107s.  These plastic tube containers date from the mid 1950s (top, 1956) to the late 1950s (bottom, 1958).

GE maintained an “Experimenter’s Line” of semiconductors in 1960s, including the famous 2N107 as shown above.


GE 2N107

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In the mid 1960s, Radio Shack was also in the 2N107 “business”, selling the above devices at prices designed for the “young hobbyist”. 

GE first introduced the 2N107 in 1955 with the classic “pinched-top” metal case, shown above second from right.  By 1957, the more modern “top-hat” was used (far right).  In the 1960s and 1970s, ETCO sold the 2N107 in the standard silver TO-5 case (center).  Several radio supply companies (Radio Shack, Lafayette, Poly-Paks) sold unlabeled 2N107 style devices (left and second from left) for many years.

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