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Shown at top is the mailing box for the Centralab SA001 transistor, as delivered back in 1957.  The overall box size is approximately 3 X 5 X 2 inches.  One end panel of the box references patent 2,762,001 – sections of this patent are shown in more detail below.




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The scan above is a section of the packing slip for the 1957 shipment of Centralab “SA001” transistors.  An accompanying letter was sent from the Semiconductor Product Sales organization.  Although well known as a major manufacturer of electronic components, such as capacitors, switches, potentiometers, and printed electronic circuits, Centralab was not known for semiconductors.  This fact reinforces the significance of these unusual pre-IC devices.


Here are two sections of the unique patent developed by Jack Kilby prior to his work on ICs at TI.

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