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Raytheon Blues – “Big Blues”






   Photo Courtesy Terry Hosking



Photo Essay Commentary

These photos illustrate several of the most unusual of the Raytheon Blues.  The top unit (CK750-1) is dated from late 1955 and is likely the first style of Raytheon power transistor.  The case is blue plastic with a brass strip inserted for heat dissipation.  The CK753 is a standard TO-3 case style power transistor, likely made in limited quantities.  The CK900, dated 1957, is most unusual. It is 3/8”  in diameter and 1  ¼” in length, and houses four separate germanium transistors.  Multiple leads allow connection to all the transistors.  The CK900 (and the smaller CK901) represent a little known and historic avenue of germanium transistor technology.  



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