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Photo Essay – Shockley 4 Layer Diodes





       A Late 1950s Ad from Semiconductor Products Magazine 















Section of a 1961 Shockley Transistor/Clevite Tutorial Explaining 4 Layer Diode Operation


Photo Essay Commentary

The ad on the left [2] illustrates the virtues of the Shockley diode when compared to the more common transistors of the day.  Note that William Shockley is specifically mentioned in the ad text, as personally in charge of the engineering staff.  The photo above is a section of a 4 layer diode “Information Sheet” [3] which would have been very helpful in explaining this unusual technology to potential customers.  It is interesting to note that the circuit symbol proposed for the diode was developed as a modified numeral “4” – in fact, some of the early Shockley diodes have the number “4” stamped on top of the case.



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