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Photo Essay – Shockley 4 Layer Diodes




Shockley “Transistor Diode” Demonstrator Kit








Basic Shockley Diode Oscillator Circuit



Photo Essay Commentary

The basic Shockley diode oscillator circuit is shown above right. This is a sawtooth oscillator, which refers to the shape of the waveform generated by this circuit.  Only three components are needed, in addition to diode, for this circuit.  A Demonstrator Kit for the Shockley Diode (also known as the 4 layer diode, the pnpn diode or the transistor diode) was constructed at the Transistor Museum, using the basic sawtooth circuit.  A photo of the completed kit is shown above.  If proper values are used for the components, the circuit will oscillate in the audio range and produce a loud tone in an attached earphone.



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