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Sylvania 1N34A

The two scans shown at upper left are from a 1949 Sylvania specification sheet for the newly released 1N34A germanium diode.  Note the detailed drawing showing construction of the glass case and internal components.  Additional text stresses the advantages of the smaller, lighter-weight devices, while still maintaining equivalent electrical performance to the original ceramic-cased 1N34.  The photo at top right shows the differences between the original 1N34 case style (shown with green lettering as was used by Sylvania in the 1940s) compared with the more modern glass-cased 1N34A.  The two schematics shown above are copied from the 1951 Sylvania publication, “Electronic Shortcuts for Hobbyists”, which documented 24 crystal diode circuit applications.  The radio schematic is a real classic, easy to build and capable of excellent AM reception.  The photocell circuit illustrates a unique advantage of a glass case (allows light to activate the germanium), when compared to the opaque ceramic-cased 1N34.    

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