Historic Transistor Photo Gallery   


Transistor Size (5/16”L X 3/16”W X 1/2”H)

Date Code 004 (1960 Week 4).

2” X 3/4” X 3/4” Cardboard Packaging




2N63 2N64 2N65



Germanium PNP Alloy Junction Transistor



General Purpose Audio and Low Freq RF  






Robin’s Egg Blue Metal



Common (Standard Production)


Tung-Sol was a well known, but small scale manufacturer of vacuum tubes from the 1940s through the 1960s.  As other vacuum tube manufacturers began investigating semiconductor technology in the early 1950s, so too did Tung-Sol. The early development work on transistors was done at the Bloomfield, NJ vacuum tube facility.  A semiconductor manufacturing facility was established at a plant on North Arlington Avenue in East Orange, NJ in the mid 1950’s.  Tung-Sol was cautious in ramping up production of semiconductors, with volume production of germanium diodes beginning in 1954 and transistor production lagging by several years.  The 2N63, 2N64 and 2N65 appear to be the first RTMA/Jedec “2N” numbered transistors to be sold commercially by Tung-Sol, and the preliminary data sheets for these devices are dated early 1957.  Note that Raytheon had introduced these “2N6X” numbers in 1956, so Tung-Sol should be considered a second-source supplier.  Tung-Sol expanded its transistor product line throughout the 1950s and mid-1960s, specializing primarily in germanium power transistors and finally with a line of radio/TV replacement devices.  The 2N63, 2N64 and 2N65 are similar devices, varying only in power gain, with the 2N65 having the highest gain.  A striking feature of all Tung-Sol transistors is the beautiful “Robin’s Egg” blue case color and the brightly decorated cardboard packaging, as shown above.       

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