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Photo Essay – Bell Labs Type A


Bell Labs Type A Transistor References and Links


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[4]  This website provides an extensive overview and excellent photos of many early transistors, including Bell Labs point contacts.


[5]  Although dedicated to vacuum tube technology, the June 2002 volume of the group’s magazine, “The Tube Collector”, has an excellent article by Ludwell Sibley on the Type A transistor. 


[6]  Documented Type A serial numbers: AS-37, AS-62, AS-67, A1790, A1791, A2200, B516F, AM1412, AN2442.







Photo Essay Commentary


The Bell Labs Type A transistor represents a truly historic milestone in early transistor development.  This transistor demonstrated that the point contact technology, while clumsy and unpredictable, could yield devices of acceptable performance and could be the basis for a manufactured product.                    










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