Dwight V. Jones

Oral History – (Continued)


Dwight’s first 20 years at GE coincided with rapid technology advances in audio electronics.  The two photos at the top right illustrate the “PlayTalk”, which was one of Dwight’s first projects at GE. In 1949, 5000 of these magnetic disks recorders were manufactured.  Two vacuum tubes were the basis for the electronics, as commercial transistors were not yet available.  The bottom photo is from the 1968 “Transistor Audio Amplifiers” book co-authored by Dwight in 1968.  The photo documents the first GE consumer record player to use IC technology.  Dwight was the Applications Engineer responsible for these audio ICs.   The top photo is from 1964 and shows Dwight with one of his transistorized audio preamps from that timeframe.   During this 20 year period, Dwight was very active in solid state audio applications and was known within the GE Semiconductor Products Division as the “HiFi guy”.









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