An Interview with Ralph Greenburg

 Historic Semiconductor Devices and Applications



“The 52nd street Semiconductor factory was built (just “A” building) and all transistor production and support groups were moved from 56th street.    But soon the Military Research and Development again filled the vacant space at 56th Street and some of the Military personnel were also moved to 52nd Street.  Quail, jack rabbits and road runners could be observed in lunch time walks, south of the plant.”


1957 - 1973

“The Space Race and requirements for military electronic equipment increased at a record pace.  In 1958 the Hayden Road plant was built (see photo at above right) and eventually most government activities based in the Chicago area were transferred to the Scottsdale facility……At Semiconductor, the rapid demand for solid state components created a vast array of new products in both germanium and silicon technology.  Products such as transistors, zener diodes, rectifiers, thyristors and integrated circuits were now sold on the open market.  SPS survived the defection of “Hogan’s Heroes” who went to Fairchild”










Partial List of Representative Publications  by Ralph Greenburg


[1] “Motorola Power Transistor Handbook”, Edited by Ralph Greenburg, 1961. 


[2] “Motorola Silicon Rectifier Handbook”, Technical Editorial Assistance by Ralph Greenburg, 1966.


[3] “Motorola Switching Transistor Handbook”, Editorial Assistance by Ralph Greenburg, 1963.


[4] “Breakdown Voltage in Power Transistors”, Semiconductor Products,  vol 4, No. 11, Nov 1961.


[5] “Determining Maximum Reliable Load Lines for Power Transistors”, Motorola Semiconductor Technical Information, AN 137-R1.


[6] “Consumer Applications of Power Semiconductors”, Proceedings of the IEEE, Vol 55, No. 8, Aug 1967.


[7] “Integrated Circuits for Consumer Products”, Motorola Monitor, Vol 7, No. 3, 1969.




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