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Raytheon Blues – “Royal (T) Blues”






Photo Essay Commentary

In addition to transistor radios, Zenith also manufactured transistor hearing aids, beginning with tube-based models in the 1940s and moving early to transistor models in 1953. Zenith used Raytheon transistors exclusively for the hearing aids, and with hundreds of thousands of aids sold, each one containing three or four transistors, Zenith alone consumed over a 1,000,000 Raytheon transistors.   Shown above are two of the early transistor hearing aids models  - the model on the left is the Royal (T) and the one on the right is the Super Royal (T).   The closeup photo shows the circuitry for the Super Royal (T).  This was a three transistor model, and in this specific unit there are two blue cased transistors (CK784) along with an earlier black plastic transistor (CK718).    



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